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CBSE 12th Std Online Practice Test 2018

No of Test : 15

No of Questions Per Test : 30 Questions

Access :Access until Nov 3, 2018

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Mode :You need a computing device and internet connection.

CBSE 12th Std Online Practice Test 2018

  • Biology ( Mini Pack )
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    CBSE Board 12th Exams 2018 Online Practice Test

    Break your Hassle, Enjoy your Entrance Exam Preparation, Spend just 1 hr every day to become Master in your Dream course.

    CBSE 12th Std  Online Practice Test 2018

    CBSE : “Central Board of Secondary Education” is working under Union Government of India, a chain of public and private schools are coaching CBSE syllabus all over India.

    Jawahar Navodhaya Vidhyalaya, Kendriya Vidyalayas, all schools in the NCT of Delhi and foreign schools are CBSE affiliated.

    CBSE syllabus is considered as a high standard. The board conducts AIEEE, AIPMT, Engineering and Medical entrances every year for the admission of candidates from various regions of India. Both exams are conducted in national level.

    CBSE Online Mock Test :

    Generally, maximum no. of students fullest attention is drawn only in the Board exam standards. Regular reading, writing tests, study plan, time consciousness, and Group studies are the common factors for succeeding exams. But to be a merit student, needs hard work, dedication, practice. Many students would have dilemma in preparation.

    A panel of expert team members from various professions designed a well patterned series of online mock tests and CBSE 12th Exam CDs for various subjects to Practice exclusively for 12th std CBSE students.

    These CDs and Mock tests are stepped out from the home of GIFT, WISDOM leading educational resources.

    CBSE Online Mock Tests and CDs questions are objective, prepared on the new syllabus basis, comprising previous year questions.

    More usage of mocks will aid in developing confidence, time management, fastness, and accuracy.

    CBSE 12th Std Online Mock / Practice Test Features :

    ( CBSE 12th Online practice tests are available for “ONLY ONE MARK QUESTIONS”  ( MCQs ) )

    • CBSE 12th previous year questions ( MCQs ) are added along with clear explanation (wherever necessary) / CBSE 12th solved answers
    • CBSE 12th frequently asked questions ( MCQs ) are included in CBSE 12th  Online Practice Test / CBSE 12th  Exam Pack
    • CBSE 12th Sample papers ( MCQs ) / cbse 12th Model questions ( MCQs ) / cbse 12th Old question papers ( MCQs ) are given as Trial Test for cbse 12th free  Online Practice
    • CBSE 12th Online Mock test series ( MCQs ) are given for cbse 12th Online Practice
    • CBSE 12th Online Trial Exams ( MCQs ) Multiple Choice Questions are provided as free.

    Wisdom 24× offers online practice tests for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics.

    12th CBSE 2018 Exam Dates :

    12th CBSE – Physics – 07th March 2018

    12th CBSE – Mathematics – 21st March 2018

    12th CBSE – Chemistry – 13th March 2018

    12th CBSE – Biology – 27th March 2018

    Students can purchase the tests packs for their immense practice, covers more tests, detailed answers with explanation ( wherever necessary & applicable ), chart reports, No.of questions  attended, skipped, answered, wrong.

    The tests are the complete package for your best preparation.

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    CBSE 12th Std 2018 Online Practice and Mastery Exam Packages:

    15 Tests
    40 Tests
    20 Tests
    20 Tests
    35 Tests

    CBSE 12th Std Free Practice Test

    Biology Sample Test
    Take a Trial Test

    Maths Sample Test
    Take a Trial Test

    Physics Sample Test
    Take a Trial Test

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    1. shubham rajput

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      • GIFT Wisdom

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        Hi Shubham Rajput,
        We provide online practice test from which you can prepare well for exam. If you r interested in online test pack then kindly do free registration, place order and write your test instantly.

    2. kanika aswal

      Jul 15, 2015

      Online exam online practice

      • GIFT Wisdom

        Jul 15, 2015

        Hi Kanika,
        We offer online practice test, if interested then kindly do free registration and place order.


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    CBSE 12th Std 2018 Online Practice Test

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    Chemistry - Rs. 300.00/- Only
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