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Vellore Institute of Technology MCA Entrance Exam - VIT MCA Online Test Practice

VIT is one of the top notching and ranked among top ten Premier Institutes in India. VIT is the first educational Institute adorned with the International level accreditation for its programs. VIT is the number one private Institute in India. Quality learning, valid exposure inspired many aspirants to take part in Master Exam’s for their desirable field.

VIT MCA Entrance is conducted by VIT for the admission of M.Tech and MCA. Candidate with 90% GATE score is eligible to apply for interview without any entrance exam.

VIT MCA Entrance Online Mock Test :

A Real time feel is vital for any work. It works out especially in Entrance Exams. Though a student has concept reiteration, continuous practice, nervousness will knock out the acquired knowledge at the time of real test.

WISDOM contributes more Online Mock Test Practice for MCA Entrance Exam. Practice more, be confident and kill the bug which kills your goal.

Our Mock Tests are suitable for All the Common MCA Entrance Exams in India and all State Level MCA Entrance Exams.

Our VIT MCA Entrance Exam Online Practice Test package is under testing. Register your valuable information for the quick updates on package.

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4 Comments to "VIT MCA Entrance Exam Online Practice Test"

  1. ajay

    Jan 15, 2013

    I have secured 59% in 10th, 45% in puc,63% in bca ,am i eligible to attend vit entrance exam for mca?

  2. santhosh

    Mar 8, 2015

    i am completed BCA with 61 i am trying attend the mca entranced exam so plz help us. VIT university syllabus and details (for exmple)how many question will ask and forther details what type of questions

    thank you…

    • GIFT Wisdom

      Mar 9, 2015

      Hi Santhosh,
      Sorry we do not have online practice test for MCA. But we do have Question Bank CD for MCA Entrance exam. If you are interested then kindly call us Ph No. 08682900900.


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