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Online MCA Test Packages are suitable for IIT JAM, NIMCET, Kerala MCA, Amrita MCA, BIT Mesra, WB JECA, ICET, VIT MCA, JNU MCA and more….

For the past decade, the world has totally become Computer and Internet savvy. Manual works are very much reduced. From the big complex to small shops have started to maintain their database and accounts on computer using different software.

Sending mails, collecting information, general discussion are being done through computers. It serves as an encyclopedia and is user friendly. Touching a relevant word in the key board digs the word from its origin till destination. All theses activities signify the importance of Computer and Internet, ultimately the Computer Management courses reached a good demand.

One of the most preferred courses for higher education in computer education is MCA – Masters in Computers Application. IT industry seeks eligible, bright MCAs. MCA provides strategic and optimized environment to the pursuers. The MCA gives more importance to software development and many papers are software oriented.

There is a great demand for a Software Programmer, Developer, Engineer, Analyst, and Consultant. Master Degree will be always helpful to get a stable job. Many top companies call for MCA with a high salary.

Getting admission in a prestigious Institute is tough unless students have enough practice, confidence. In many Institutes students are enrolled after getting through the Entrance exam conduct.

The following are some common MCA Entrance Exams :

Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham  BIT Mesra, IIT JAM, JNU MCA, Kerala Entrance Examinations for MCA, VIT, WB JECA

      MCA Online Mock / Practice Test features:

  • MCA previous year questions are added along with clear explanation (wherever necessary) / MCA solved answers / MCA solved question papers
  • MCA frequently asked questions are included in MCA Online Practice Test / MCA  Exam Pack
  • MCA sample papers / model questions / old question papers
  • MCA Online Mock test series are given for Online Practice
  • MCA free Online Trial tests / MCA free online mock tests are provided / MCA free online practice tests are provided.

TANCET MCA Online Test Pack 2013New

Online Practice Test for TANCET MCA Exam

Join us and simplify your TANCET MCA entrance preparation.
TANCET MCA Online Test Pack 2013

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  1. I want to purchase the book named "BIT MCA ONLINE mock tests" . Can u tell me from where i can get this ?

    By sonali on Dec 17,2015 a31 09:25 pm

  2. Sorry we do not provide any kind of book material and information regarding that. We offer online practice test.

    By GIFT Wisdom on Dec 18,2015 a31 10:27 am

  3. Hi...! i need mca entrance exam coaching online. Is it possible to get online coaching or not?

    By diksha on Oct 22,2015 a31 07:13 pm

  4. Hi Diksha,
    Sorry we do not online practice test for MCA Entrance exam, kindly make a continuous visit in our website soon it will be available.

    By GIFT Wisdom on Oct 24,2015 a31 12:12 pm

  5. how to crack nimcet???

    By kartik mishra on Sep 30,2015 a30 04:52 pm

  6. Hi Kartik Mishra,
    Sorry we do not have MCA entrance exam online practice test, kindly make a continuous visit in our website shortly it will be available in our website.

    By GIFT Wisdom on Sep 30,2015 a30 06:25 pm

  7. how can i get the mca papers of previous years?

    By arhsub on May 23,2015 a31 03:00 pm

  8. Hi Arshub,
    Sorry we do not have MCA Entrance exam online practice test, kindly do a continuous visit soon it will available in our website

    By GIFT Wisdom on May 27,2015 a31 12:01 pm

  9. Good learning

    By A.Sowmya on Apr 17,2015 a30 12:53 pm

  10. hi admin....i need perchase CD for mca entrance
    but how i contact you ? please inform me on my mail account

    By mohammad amish on Feb 6,2015 a28 07:24 pm

  11. Hi Mohammad Amish,
    We have Question Bank CD for MCA Entrance Exam. Regarding this we tried to contact you but your number was in not reachable. So sent mail to you kindly go through the mail and revert us back. We looking forward for your reply.

    By GIFT Wisdom on Feb 7,2015 a28 09:41 am

  12. i want mca entrance online coaching which is
    best for understanding the topics...........

    By Subhashini on Sep 25,2014 a30 10:39 pm

  13. Hi Subhashini,
    MCA Entrance Exam online test practice is under testing. Kindly make regular visit in our site, because shortly we will introduce MCA Entrance Exam online practice test.

    By GIFT Wisdom on Sep 26,2014 a30 12:36 pm

  14. i need entrance exam in MCA for on line test & other information for best prepration

    By anjani gupta on Oct 10,2013 a31 04:57 pm

  15. How I could able to get demo online test for MCA?

    By RAJKUMAR MURMU on Apr 25,2013 a30 02:01 pm

  16. Hi Rajkumar,

    Sorry to inform you that we didn't have MCA online test pack but we can provide you MCA question bank cd.

    By Support on Apr 25,2013 a30 02:15 pm

  17. hi i need mca iit question papers with solutions for practice.

    By divyalakshmipathy on Apr 15,2013 a30 05:15 pm

  18. Hi Divyalakshmipathy,

    We don't have MCA online practice test.

    By Support on Apr 15,2013 a30 05:47 pm

  19. i need mca couching in online..

    By meghana R on Mar 18,2013 a31 05:59 pm

  20. Hi Meghana,

    We are having MCA entrance exam question bank CD. If you are interested kindly contact us.

    By Support on Mar 18,2013 a31 06:29 pm

  21. sir i want interested mca online test so you please help me.

    By menaga on Mar 13,2013 a31 11:09 am

  22. Hi Menaga,

    We have MCA Entrance exam CD. If you want to purchase means kindly contact us.

    By Support on Mar 13,2013 a31 11:20 am

  23. when will mca entrance form for ggsipu,jnu,du,bhu be released? plz plz provide me information for these all...thanku.

    By ekta garg on Feb 5,2013 a28 06:50 pm

  24. Hi Ekta,

    For MCA Entrance exam date, please visit the website

    By Support on Feb 6,2013 a28 12:15 pm

  25. help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 9009558338 i have to crack MCA entarance 2013

    By harshit bishnoi on Jan 25,2013 a31 04:33 pm

  26. Hi Harshit,

    Sorry to inform you that we don't have MCA online practice test.

    By Support on Jan 25,2013 a31 04:37 pm

  27. I need previous year solved question paper of pune university

    By neha on Jan 8,2013 a31 04:02 pm

  28. Hi Neha,

    We don't have MCA online practice test pack.

    By Support on Jan 8,2013 a31 04:28 pm

  29. I need to prepair MCA entrace online practice paper

    By YOGESH on Jan 6,2013 a31 03:56 pm

  30. Hi Yogesh,

    As of now we don't have any MCA entrance online practice test pack. We will updated soon.

    By Support on Jan 7,2013 a31 11:00 am

  31. Please provide mca mock test on my email id

    By Amol on Jan 2,2013 a31 12:57 pm

  32. Hi Amol,

    Sorry, we didn't have MCA Online Practice Test.

    By Support on Jan 2,2013 a31 01:49 pm

  33. I need to prepare for MCA entrance test. But here i didn't got anything about MCA or online practice test. I need a details about next entrance examination date for MCA and locations in palakkad

    By Sanjid on Dec 20,2012 a31 02:43 pm

  34. Hi Sanjid,

    MCA Entrance Exam Paid online Test series and Trial Mock tests are under preparation. Keep on watching our website for regular updation.

    By Support on Dec 20,2012 a31 03:39 pm

  35. kerala mca practice is available or not

    By jishajoshi on Jun 21,2012 a30 10:35 am

  36. Hi Jishajoshi:
    At present we don't have MCA Online Practice Packs. The same is expected in the near days.

    By Support on Jun 21,2012 a30 11:13 am

  37. I m unable to get MCA test paper online

    By nehagupta on Jun 9,2012 a30 09:43 am

  38. Hi Neha gupta:
    We are not offering MCA online practice test, only MBA is available

    By Support on Jun 9,2012 a30 09:53 am

  39. please inform when MCA online test packages are available.....

    By madhu.m.j on May 24,2012 a31 07:54 pm

  40. Hi Madhu:
    As soon as the MCA packs are updated, you will be informed.

    By Support on May 26,2012 a31 02:07 pm

  41. Tell me AIMCET 2012Exam date

    By hemant on Apr 18,2012 a30 06:56 pm

  42. Dear Nadeem:
    MCA Entrance Exam Paid online Test series and Trial Mock tests are under preparation. The same will be availed to the test takers very shortly. Keep on watching our website for regular updation.

    By admin on Mar 24,2012 a31 02:11 pm

  43. give question

    By YOGENDRA on Mar 20,2012 a31 01:36 pm

  44. Free MCA Mock Test Papers

    By pranita on Mar 2,2012 a31 02:17 pm

  45. i need entrance exam in MCA for online test

    By Alagukarthika.s on Mar 2,2012 a31 12:34 pm

  46. Kya bihar me mca test hota hai. Tell me.

    By RANJEET4204 on Feb 23,2012 at 08:10 pm

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