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JEE MAIN ( AIEEE ) Online Practice Test 2018

No of Test : 10

No of Questions Per Test : 30 Questions

Access :Access until Sep 3, 2018

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Mode :You need a computing device and internet connection.

JEE MAIN ( AIEEE ) Online Mock Test 2018

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    JEE MAIN ( AIEEE ) 2018 Online Practice Test

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    JEE Main ( Joint Entrance Exam ) Online Test Practice

    JEE  Main (AIEEE) is an Entrance Examination for Engineering, Architecture admissions which has been now changed to JEE Main.

    JEE Main is one of the most preferred exams in India, as it opens doors to majority of the engineering colleges in the country. JEE Main scores are accepted by IIT, IIM, NIT, Govt., Colleges and Pvt., Colleges all over India.

    JEE Main ( Paper 1 of earlier AIEEE ) is conducted both online and offline for B.E & B. Tech admissions whereas ( Paper II of earlier AIEEE ) is conducted in off line mode for B.Arch & B. Planning Examinations.

    JEE Main ( AIEEE ) Online Application last date : 1st week January 2018

    JEE MAIN 2018 Exam Dates: 

    JEE Main Paper & Pen based Exam date : 8th April 2018

    JEE Main Online CBT Exam date : 2nd week April 2018

    Pen and Paper Based Examination – Offline 

    • Paper 1 ( B.E. / B. Tech. ) – 8th April 2018 ( 9.30am to 12.30pm IST )
    • Paper 2 ( B. Arch. / B.Planning. ) -  8th April 2018 ( 2.00 pm  to 5.00 pm IST )

    Computer Based Test CBT – Online Examination

    • Paper 1 ( B. E. / B. Tech. ) – 2nd week April 2018
      1st Shift – 9.30 am to 12.30 pm
      2nd Shift – 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm

    JEE Main Exam 2018 Structure :

    JEE ( Main ) – 2018 shall have two papers, Paper-1 (B.E. / B. Tech.) and Paper-2 (B. Arch./ B. Planning). Depending upon on the course (s) candidates are seeking admission, may take Paper-1 (B.E. / B. Tech.), or Paper-2 (B. Arch./ B. Planning), or both. Subject combination for each paper, type of questions in each paper and mode of examination available is given in the table below. 

    Paper Subject Mode
    Paper 1 Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics CBT or Pen & Paper based
    Paper 2 Mathematics – Part I
    Aptitude Test – Part II
    Drawing Test – Part III
    Only Pen & Paper based

    JEE Main Online Mock Test :

    JEE Main (AIEEE) Online Mock Test is offered by on the basis of  syllabus with enough no. of  JEE Main MCQs with answers , explanation.

    JEE Main Free trial test are given for practicing free and many features are presented in JEE Main Online practice test to improve one’s JEE Main preparation level.

    JEE Main  Online Mock / Practice Test features:

    • JEE Main previous year questions are added along with clear explanation (wherever necessary) /JEE Main  solved answers
    • JEE Main  frequently asked questions are included in JEE Main Online Practice Test / Exam Pack
    • JEE Main Sample papers /JEE Main Model questions / JEE Main Old question papers are given as Trial Test for free Online Practice
    • JEE Main Online Mock test series are given for Online Practice
    • JEE Main Online Trial Exams are provided free.

    JEE Main 2018 Score & Result :

    Score & Result of JEE Main 2018 will be announced on 4th week April 2018

    Subjects for JEE Main Online Practice Test :

    • Physics
    • Chemistry
    • Mathematics

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    10 Tests
    10 Tests
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    25 Tests

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